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Nancy | Owner

Nancy has always loved beautiful fabrics, unique styles, and how the right garment can bring incredible confidence to a woman. She had a wonderful experience out of state helping her daughter find her wedding gown and seeing how it transformed her. After that, she decided she wanted to help other brides and families, during such an exciting time, discover their own confidence. So, the journey began to create a space that was welcoming and full of stunning gowns and veils for a bride to select her special gown from.   During the...

Stacey | Lead Stylist


Lead Stylist

Stacy brings her sense of style and love of brides to every appointment. She makes a bride feel comfortable and is able to really understand what the bride is asking for. Just a few minutes with Stacy and you will see how amazing she is at helping the bride.

Kenzie,  Bridal House of Nashville Lead Stylist


Lead Stylist

Kenzie brings her calming influence and intuition to every appointment. She is also known as the "veil whisperer" because of her skill at adding just the right final touch for the bride. Just a few minutes with Kenzie and the bride will know she is in good hands.



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