Bridal House Policies

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We are sorry, but we do not rent wedding gowns.
All sales are final. This is in line with the industry standard for bridal gowns.
Our trained staff will take the bride’s measurements. These measurements are then compared to the designer’s size chart for the chosen gown. Our staff will make a size recommendation. If a bride is between two sizes, we recommend she order the larger size.


Ultimately, it is up to the bride to determine the size gown she will order.
We have served hundreds of brides. We not only help you find your dream wedding gown, we also educate the bride about how buying a wedding dress works, fabrics, laces, and options for modifying the gown from ceremony to reception. We share our expertise in dressing the bride. We respect your budget and do not pressure a bride into a gown to meet sales targets. Our expertise and relaxed atmosphere is much in demand. To continue this high level of personalized service, we can not continue to reserve time for a bride only to have her not show up. We feel this is very unfair to the brides we have turned away to reserve the time.