The Dress Is Something Old

The Dress Is Something Old

What fun news— royal wedding. Granted, one that had to reschedule and adjust to current times. Imagine that, no matter the amount of money and/or prestige, can change the fact that weddings happening right now are different than we built them up to be in our minds.

As we saw with the secret, surprise royal wedding this past week, the bridal dress is really all about making the bride exude beauty, luxury, and confidence.

The royal bride chose to do this by reworking an existing gown. Sure, we don’t all have the extended selection of gowns to consider but there are ideas to be used.  

First, if you are reworking a gown, look to the sleeves. Angela Kelly and Stewart Parvin added organza, puff sleeves to Beatrice’s gown. The band of each sleeve has beaded handwork that matched the pattern on the original gown. This made the sleeves look and feel more like part of the original gown and not simply an add-on.

Bridal Gown 1990s

Look to the sleeves. My dress straight out of the suitcase in a hotel. Imagine the sleeves gone and the 3-D “leaves” removed.


Second, look to the silhouette. Under-layers that had created volume when the royal bridal gown was first worn were reworked to create a more modern look. This kept the gown looking unique to Beatrice and in-line with current styles.

Third, keep the unique features. The stunning hand work on Beatrice’s wedding gown was not altered or removed, instead it was repeated on the sleeves to emphasize it.


1950s wedding dress black and white picture

Look to the silhouette. My mother’s dress had the large petticoat for volume. Easily removed to update the silhouette.



Lastly, make it fit. The original gown’s hemline was more of a poof. Angela and Stewart updated the look by adding a wide duchess satin band at the hemline. The fabric chosen is luxurious, and matches will with the reflective nature of the handwork on the rest of the dress. The gown fit. The bride and her grandmother didn’t magically have the exact same measurements. The gown was altered for the current bride. Most brides even if they purchase a new gown, look best when it is slightly adjusted to better fit them.


Keep details that make dress unique. Husband’s Grandmother’s 1918 wedding dress.


Brides across the world are learning ways to celebrate and showcase their unique style. Remember your wedding is a celebration as you move into the next phase of life. 

Enjoy your celebration. 


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