So Much to Think About

So Much to Think About

Do We Move? 

We have had a GREAT first 3 years— really great. Lots of brides are finding out that shopping for their bridal gown can be an enjoyable experience and not a stressed out one. Our private and personal service set us apart in an often hectic bridal salon world. 

We can’t imagine not providing the private suite experience. You heard that right, private suite. A real suite with real walls. 





“This is the the perfect way to find my wedding gown”, Emily
“Thank you for listening even when I wasn’t sure what I wanted, the gown is perfect”, Rachel
“I had a good feeling when I walked in and knew my gown was here”, Lauren


Brides deserve to be listened to, really listed to and not just sold a gown. These conversations about body image on your wedding day, measurements, and budgets are not for everyone to hear. 

So as part of the next chapter in the story of Bridal House of Nashville. We are hoping to expand. What does that mean? That means we are on the hunt for the perfect location that allows for more private suites and is set up to provide the same great personal service we are becoming known for. 

This larger location will need to be big— plenty big. It will need to be able to expand our unique wedding gown collection.  It will need to accommodate multiple private suites.  It will need to have easy parking. It will need to be easy to get to.  It will need to have enough space to offer our amazing brides more options and more services.  We are all about focusing on the bride!

We expect this to take months, and months, and months.  Big sigh.  Lots of places will be turned down as not being able to fulfill the vision we have for an even more amazing bridal gown shopping experience. 

Stay tuned for updates on this journey.