The Insider's Guide to Sample Gowns at Bridal House of Nashville

The Insider's Guide to Sample Gowns at Bridal House of Nashville

Dear Bride, About the Dress: 


Should you choose a discounted wedding gown? What is a sample sale? If I find a gown I like, can’t I wait and think about it?

Great questions, and I’m so glad you asked. Let’s dive right into the ins and outs of what makes a wedding dress get discounted or put on sale.



Wedding gowns are like other clothes in that styles come and go. Think of your mom’s or grandmother’s wedding gown. It probably looks very different in style, material, and lace than what you see now for a bridal grown.

 While most brides want a timeless wedding gown that will look great in pictures many years from now, in reality, wedding gown styles change. Styles change between seasons and definitely between years.



Let’s start with what is a sample gown. A sample gown is just that— it is a sample that the bridal store has purchased and lets you try on. This allows a bride to see and feel the material and lace. It also helps a bride see what styles she feels most comfortable and confident in wearing. Bridal stores don’t get these for free— the store has purchased each gown you see. Be respectful when trying on the gowns because some day, they will be a bride’s wedding gown.



So, what makes a sample bridal gown be put on sale?

Typically, not always, a bridal gown that has been used as a sample gown in a bridal store is put on the sale rack when it can no longer be reordered. That is one of the reasons sample gowns are “as is”. The size and color of the wedding gown you see is the size and color of the wedding gown you get because that is the gown. Lots of times these are referred to as sample sales because they are the sample gowns that are now being sold discounted. Sometimes these sample bridal dresses are in very good shape, especially when the store takes good care of the samples. The gown could have missing buttons or beads (clamps are rough on gowns). The gown might need cleaned.



Why can’t a sample bridal gown be reordered?

Styles change. To continually offer new designs, bridal gown designers must stop offering other designs. Sometimes it is because there is no more lace or other material readily available. Sometimes it is because the designer has an updated version of the gown. Sometimes it is because the bridal gown boutique no longer works with a specific gown designer. Sometimes it is because the store needs more room on other racks.There can be many, many reasons, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the sale gown is out of style or not right for you.



Should a bride choose a discounted wedding gown?

Well, maybe. At Bridal House of Nashville, we take good care of our sample gowns. Our wedding dress samples that are discontinued and discounted are in good shape because we keep our regular sample gowns in good shape.

Why can’t I wait and think about my wedding gown before buying?

Designers can add or remove designs whenever they think is best. A bridal gown store doesn’t get to tell a designer, “Wait, don’t discontinue the gown yet, a bride is thinking about it”.  Also, if you are wanting a sale gown, it is first come, first serve. We don’t hold gowns while brides think about it. 



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