Fathers and Brides

Fathers and Brides

It’s no surprise that fathers play a very, very important role in a girl’s growing up. One of those big moments is when the father walks the bride down the aisle on her wedding day. Everyone stands, all heads turn, and there is the beautiful bride and her father. The father gets to be beside her as all attention in the room is on his daughter. The father gets to help calm any nerves and provide strength and support in a pivotal moment walking her down the aisle and into her future. The father will then toast and celebrate at the reception as his daughter is now a wife. It is a special bond and memory that should be cherished.


The locket is scratched as I was wearing it when I fell as a 12 year old.


In no less of a special moment, are the brides that for various reasons will not have a father to walk them down the aisle. Maybe the bride’s father is deployed. Maybe the bride’s father is just absent. Maybe the bride’s father has passed on. For these brides, they still need someone to calm any nerves and provide strength and support in a pivotal moment of walking down the aisle and into the future. My brother was that for me as I wore a picture of my father in a locket on my necklace. My sister was that for my niece.


Tiny picture of my dad I wore in the locket on my wedding day.


If you are fortunate enough to have a father be by your side down the aisle, don’t forget how incredibly special that is. But whoever in your life is fulfilling the traditional father duties during your wedding, let them know today how special they are to you and how you appreciate their willingness to be there for you. 



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