Bridal Gowns in Donelson, TN- Why Donelson?

Bridal Gowns in Donelson, TN- Why Donelson?


So you might ask, why another bridal store in Nashville and why in Donelson? 

Well, as I went through the process of helping my daughter find her dream dress, I found middle Tennessee had lots of options for dresses over $2,000. I was hoping to pay a little less. She wanted a unique dress that spoke to the Art Deco (Great Gatsby) era. She wanted to look like no one else. This was when we also discovered that there were no options in our part of Nashville.  We had a drive of at least 30 minutes and then dealing with traffic and parking.  It didn’t sound like a fun, relaxing experience we desired.  

So we found her dress in a different state where she attends college. The experience made me start to look at what I could do to help other brides who were looking for an experience that was private, simple, fun, and local. It took two years from the day my daughter said yes to her dress till I was able to open Bridal House of Nashville. 

Our gowns are specifically selected to make you look and feel beautiful and match your personality. We carry designers unique to us with many customizable options. Our location is easy to get to with lots of free parking. Our size allows for individual attention and private appointments. 

Our boutique is beautiful, welcoming, and low stress—- something we could provide in Donelson. 


Thank you to everyone who came to our open house and the Donelson Hermitage Chamber of Commerce for your support.