Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

In the current reality, for health and safety, customers are asked to wash their hands when they enter the boutique, all hard surfaces are disinfected and dresses tried on or touched are steamed between appointments. Even more, we limited our appointments to be spaced out at least 72 hours during the health crisis. This has allowed us to focus on some other things. There is a lot of “behind the scenes” in a bridal boutique happening to make sure a bride’s appointment runs smoothly and everyone has a great experience.


Tools for hand sewing: thin needles, pin cushion, various shades of thread, thimble, small scissors, and thread wax.Tools for hand sewing: thin needles, pin cushion, various shades of thread, thimble, small scissors, and thread wax.


What do you imagine goes on in the workshop area of a bridal shop? Do you envision a desk, sewing tools (What are sewing tools anyway?), or cramped tiny spaces? Here is a glimpse into the attention and care that is involved in maintaining a boutique full of wedding gowns.

One of the things I do is maintain the sample bridal gowns. I take great pride and pleasure in this. Bridal House of Nashville is a space that allows for a single bridal appointment at a time and can showcase approximately 100 bridal gowns. The gowns are tried on, steamed between appointments, put on and off mannequins, and hung from rails where they rub up against other dresses. These beautiful, beaded gowns are clamped on when they are too large and sometimes even pushed to their limits when they are too small. The gowns travel to bridal shows and are modeled for social media. After all, they are only samples and can be ordered in a wide range of sizes.


One inch long pen mark is gone.
One inch long pen mark is gone. 


Even trying to be gentle with them, their hems show dirt, the beads can become loose, and the delicate fabrics can tear or become marked. My mother began my sewing journey when I was about 8 years old. My first task was to sew in a straight line- which was very, very difficult. Luckily, after much practice and training over decades, I have progressed. So, I have been taking a few wedding dresses at a time to my workroom (It’s a converted bedroom in my home). I have a 4 ft by 8 ft large table, sewing tools for hand and/or machine sewing, magnifying lenses, and really bright task lights. Every time I work on a gown, I hold my breath, cross my fingers, and pray my years of training don’t fail me.


beaded wedding gown
The beads were coming off on the top edge and others were loose. All beads with issues had to be rebeaded by hand.


This past week, through meticulous spot cleaning, I was able to remove an ink pen stain, re-bead a strap, tighten up other beading, reattach specific pleats on an over skirt, and clean four hems.  All this work is done by hand to ensure precise placement and replication of the original design. I also made two items (with the machine) to help display hair pieces.

This type of attention to detail carries through every aspect of our boutique. We care about our brides. We care that the experience is relaxing and welcoming. We care that the dresses are in the best condition possible as if they were new. We care that you find a dress that beyond a doubt, you will enjoy on your wedding day and in all the pictures for years to come. We care about the heirloom pieces of lace or accessories you want to incorporate and will help you find the best way to make that happen. 


The skirt pleats didn’t lay right. I had to retack and steam. Perfect now.



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