A Different Wedding

A Different Wedding

So your plans changed unexpectedly. Maybe this is because of COVID-19 or maybe it was because of some of the other reasons people’s plans change- birth, death, moving, job, etc. 

Maybe you now have a different venue. Maybe you have a different guest list. Maybe, maybe, maybe... 


Look at what you do have. You have an opportunity to make a unique memory from an unexpected situation.


If you have your dress but the circumstances have changed, you are a bride that needs to modify. If you will be scaling back the wedding event, does your gown need adjustment too? Consider the work a good seamstress can accomplish: sleeves can be taken off because you need something less formal, or some of the netting making the dress a large ballgown can be taken out to slim down the silhouette, or maybe the train can be shortened for the smaller venue. The opposite is true. Will your gown now need sleeves or to be fuller because of a venue change? See it as an opportunity to create a truly unique gown that speaks to your personality and the wedding event.



If you have yet to choose your gown, you are a bride that needs to envision the future. You need to consider a gown that can have multiple options. Maybe a detachable overskirt would work for you. Maybe a lace jacket you can use or not. Maybe you want to use the veil as a way to lengthen or change your bridal look. Maybe you now want to incorporate more family pieces such as lace from a family member’s dress into your bridal veil. 

So many choices might feel a bit overwhelming.  Take a deep breath and focus. Things will work out. Your wedding will be wonderful. You will look beautiful. 





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