5 Pro Tips for Navigating Buying a Wedding Gown

5 Pro Tips for Navigating Buying a Wedding Gown

Have you heard one of these while bridal gown shopping- consultant, stylist, sales person? Does the person who is helping you buy your wedding gown and look your best on your wedding day have a driving force other than making you look drop dead gorgeous with-out breaking the bank? What should a bride keep in mind so HER goals are most important?



When it comes to shopping for your wedding gown, there is little difference in a salesperson, consultant, and stylist. They are all trying to sell you a dress. We think a salesperson is out for themselves with sales targets and commissions based on how expensive an item is. The truth is salespeople are very knowledgeable about the product and options. We think a consultant is there to listen and guide. More like a friend who helps us through unknown waters. We think a stylist will make us look Hollywood worthy on a dime. A stylist will make us look more amazing than we ever thought possible just by suggesting a different neckline or length of train. The truth is that the person helping you in the bridal store is all three of those rolled into one. Yes, they have other driving forces and goals in helping you find your perfect wedding dress.


What most bride’s don’t know is that many, many, many (luckily, not us) bridal gown stores give their consultants/stylists sales goals and quotas. The person helping you find your dream wedding gown might also have goals of their own and be under pressure to sell a specific designer. Many bridal gown stylists are also paid commission (yea, we don’t do that either). That’s right, the more they can get the bride to spend, the more money they get paid. Many boutiques also offer the consultants a higher commission if the bride buys on the first visit. Sometimes, the store will even offer to discount the gown if the sale is made on the first visit. At Bridal House of Nashville, you buy the dress because you love the dress. We don’t pressure you or have hidden goals.


The bridal consultant or bridal stylist in the wedding gown boutique should know the gowns and listen to what the bride wants. After all, this is not the first time the stylist is seeing the gowns. The bride should be open to suggestions because she is talking to someone who has seen a lot of different bodies in a lot of different bridal gown silhouettes. Even if you came in thinking, “I’ll never wear a ballgown”. Keep an open mind. The bride should also have realistic expectations of what their budget can buy. You are not going to get a custom made dress with multiple layers of beautiful fabric for the price of a basic T-shirt. Check with stores before hand to make sure they have gowns in your budget. There might be an option of sample gowns that are on sale.


Consultants and stylists should not be asking a bride to try on gowns outside of their budget, and the prices of the gowns should be clearly marked.




1)  Know your budget and stick with it. Don’t try on a wedding dress that you can’t afford. Don’t do it. We know you want to try it on just to see what you look like it in but don’t.  It just brings heartache. 

2)  Be realistic. Wedding dresses are beautiful and from unique materials. That means, they cost a lot more than most people expect. If you don’t have any curves, putting on a dress designed to hug curves will be disappointing. If you have lots of curves, putting on a dress designed for someone with no curves will be disappointing. The photo on your phone won’t look the same as the dress in person. 

3)  Understand that you might actually find 2 or 3 top picks. That means you have a tie for first place not necessarily a tie for second and third place. Stop looking and make the decision. 

4)  Be open to ideas and styles. The salesperson/consultant/stylist really do know all the different wedding gowns and options from the designers. You might have had your heart set on a fit and flare you saw a picture of, but your body might look amazing in a ballgown.

5) Be honest. Honest with yourself on what you like and how you want to feel on your wedding day. Honest with the consultant if you feel like they are pressuring you into a dress. Don’t be talked into buying a dress. You should love it from the start. Honest with who will help you make the decision. Don’t bring a lot of people just to include them in the experience. Narrow it down to who can help you make the decision. 


Using this knowledge and tips will help make sure you are not overwhelmed while shopping for your wedding gown.


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